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Libros y folletos producidos por los integrantes de Que te conozcan, tanto en castellano como en inglés.

Estudio sobre la Divinidad

Estudio sobre la Divinidad de acuerdo a lo que presentan las Escrituras. Amplia variedad de versiculos sobre el Padre, el Hijo y el Espiritu Santo.

¿Que es lo que Elena de White creia al respecto? Gran cantidad de citas mostrando su postura.

A study on the Divinity

A study on the Divinity.

Many verses describing the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit.

What did Ellen White believe? Many of her quotes on this subject. An analysis of some of her quotes.

How readest thou?

Christ tells us that the Word of God is truth. But there are so many different beliefs, and apparently all of them come from the Bible, so how can we know? And how can I know the truth when I myself find apparent contradictions in the Bible? It is here that the principles or rules of interpretation become relevant. It is at this point where how we read the Bible makes all the difference. It is interesting that Paul advises us to rightly divide the Word of truth; this means that we are in danger of dividing it wrongly. We can actually end up not properly using the Word of truth. How is the Word of truth properly handled then? To answer these questions, read in this booklet the basic Principles or Rules of Interpretation, stated as the Bible declares them.

Análisis de la palabra ejad

Word echad analysis

Listado de todos los versículos del Antiguo Testamento donde aparece la palabra ejad. Un corto análisis.

Old Testament list containing all verses that use the word echad. A short analysis.

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